Sunday, 22 November 2009

Comics? Fantasy? Give Me More!

I have always thought that I am not very kinda" comics and fantasy" girl. I was writing about it earlier and mentioned it here and here mainly. But today I almost think something opposite.

I was browsing my old posts and I have realised how much time I was spending by writing about something connected with comics or fantasy. And perhaps it means something.

I was following the news about making a film called Zack and Miri Make a Porno directed by Kevin Smith (who can be connected with comics a lot) from the beggining to the releasing the movie.

I was writing about films based on comics as Wanted (2008) and Iron Man (2008), I found two great movie villains (Tilda Swinton in Constantin and Wes Bentley in Ghost Rider) and haven´t found anybody better yet. I was writing about Coraline based on Neil Gaiman´s gorgeous book, and I was also recommending Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer. And if you check my profile, you could see that I also love Terry Pratchett´s and Philip Pullman´s books. And there are many others. Hm. So I think I AM kinda "comics and fantasy" girl.


This doodle is made by Kendra Stout.

(I was posting it once some time ago, but I think it fits this post as well. And I love it and it´s my blog, so I can post it as many times as I want to:-)


Paula said...

I learned about Artemis Fowl from you -and I love the books now - and I just received a book giveaway, "Stitches", a great graphic novel, so I know what you mean. I sometimes realize I've developed a theme on my blog, but not until I look back on it.

Namnet said...

I am going to look for "Stitches" in the library or a bookshop. And I am glad you like Artemis Fowl books:-)