Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Comics, Lois´s Pregnancy, Kevin Smith and Rated NC-17

I am not very keen of comics. I have no collection of them at home (apart from Garfield, I have tens of Garfield comics). But I do love films (some of them) which are based on them. It is quite weird. I adore Hellboy, I like Constantin a lot (Tilda Swinton rules!) and I am looking forward to Dark Knight (yes, I haven´t seen it yet, and yes, I am ashamed of it...:-)).
From comics it is very close to Kevin Smith, the director I look forward to every film he makes. Every time I see Superman Returns (2006) I must smile a lot, because I always remember Jay and Silent Bob and their opinion about Lois´s pregnancy with Superman. Better said about the moment when the pregnancy usually begins...:-) And I must say YES, I AGREE!! The power shall tear her inner organs to pieces:-)
Now Kevin Smith is making a movie called Zack and Miri Make a Porno. And the thing which makes me furious is - MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) have decided to rate this film NC-17, because of nudity and sexuality. Haven´t they seen any horror movie with the litres of blood, or for example Rambo 4 with that extreme violence? They are rated "just" R...
NC-17 means something like a kiss of death. I am not afraid of empty cinemas, I do believe people would fill them up. But the problem is that the most big cinemas won´t put it on at all thanks to the rating. So the only possibility how to get "better" rating is to cut some scenes.
I hate that kind of censorship. It is so useless and ridiculous. If you stab somebody in really brutal way it is quite ok, but do not dare you to show a piece of your naked skin or swear during that action...
Kevin Smith, and some others who was making the movie, was in San Diego´s Comic Con. And thanks to the panels there you can enjoy lots of fresh information on http://www.youtube.com/.
I like that guy a lot, he is a fun with:-)

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