Saturday, 31 May 2008

The Hot Air

Today´s weather was really hot. I was melting and liquefying all day long and now I don´t have the power to write anything clever, funny or smart. The proof of my state of mind is, that I started to write this post with a certain idea what it was going to be about. Now, I am writing the fourth sentence and I can´t remember what the idea was. So, today post is gonna be very short, not clever, funny nor smart.
I read a weird article about the dosser woman in Japan who solved her problem with a dwelling in really curious way. She sneaked into the flat of one stranger and started to live there without noticing for a year! She lived in the man´s closet. The man had become suspicious when his food started to disappear. So he had the cameras installed and thanks to them he found out that the woman was stealing his food and having shower in his bathroom and so on...
Kevin Smith is making another movie!! According to some (I think truthful) information, the film is called Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Staring Seth Rogen, Elizabeth Banks, and also Jason Mewes is going to appear:-) On the net there is just a teaser now:
Today song is going to be Lovely Head by Goldfrapp. Because I want to. And I am not going to come up with the things around. Not today. Today weather was too hot for me to think.

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