Saturday, 27 September 2008

Some Fragments, and Coraline

I was writing a post that turned into something absolutely different and I need some time to think about it and I will (maybe) change it a bit, maybe I will decide not to post at all. We will see.
This week was very fatiguing as I was very busy in my two jobs. I believe all is going to be more stabilized soon as I am getting used to the quick tempo of my days.
My sister´s wedding is next Saturday. The preparations are almost finished, the most important things are fine-tuning. I should buy a new purse. And shoes. I should buy it quickly...
Paul Newman died yesterday. It is so sad news. I remember when I noticed him for the first time. Of course, it was thanks to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid movie. I like that film a lot. But later on I saw The Long, Hot Summer and this one had become one of my most favourite movies ever.

The Coraline movie, based on the book by Neil Gaiman, seems to be another film I will have to see. At first, I was worry about the whole animation thing a bit. But then I found out that the director of this movie is Henry Selick, who also directed Tim Burton´s Night Before Christmas, and I calmed down and started to look forward to it.

And then I saw some short videos about making this movie on Neil Gaiman´s official site here, and now I am definitely sure I will like the movie a lot.
The official site of Coraline is here, and the imdb site here.
And be sure you will read the book before going to the cinema to see the film! I love this spooky poetic book full of imagination, where heroic Coraline explores Other World and bravely tries to save her parents.
I was reading this book to my small students last school year around the Halloween time and they were bewitched and gripped by the story. The interesting thing was that they weren´t afraid while I still have had goose bumps reading it:-)
By the way, I love the poster above. It is so clever. I love the hand shaped tree and the moon with shadows look like buttonholes... Well, those who´s read the book already, they know...


bukester said...

I too am a fan of 'Butch Cassidy' a fine film. Mr Newman was a fine actor and a humble philanthropist. He will be sorely missed. I just may check out 'Coraline'. Thank you for exposing your readers too it. Ciao.

Michael Reid said...

Good luck to you and the family for your sister's wedding!

Namnet said...

To Bukester:
Welcome here:-)
And yes, Mr Newman will be missed a lot.
I am a keen reader and there are so many books I like, so many I love, and some books I even adore. From time to time I post here something I find interesting and recommend it to anybody who is willing to listen to me:-) Check the "recommend to read" label on the side bar:-)

To Michael: Thank you very much:-)

kryssie's daily photo said...

You should love the movie. My son and I happened upon the audio book years ago and loved it.I'm glad Neil is finally doing something with this great story.

Namnet said...

To Kryssie:
I am looking forward to the movie:-)
It is fairly fine that Neil narrates his books. I think it is a wonderful idea that the author tells his stories. I love the way he does it, his sence of humour and timing. It is always a pleasure to listen to him.
Now, I am enjoying him reading The Graveyard Book on his site. I wish there would be more generous authors so kind to us, readers, as he is:-)