Saturday, 2 January 2010

The New Year Came And Brought me... What? Gnomes? Not Again... And Would You Be So Kind And Take a Photo With Me? No? Oh...

The very first day of last year I was ill. I was happy that I had time to watch some things I hadn´t been able to watch before, but it made my days just for the first few ones. Then I got bored. Even I was trying to convince myself I was not. I missed people, I missed just hanging around with my friends, doing nothing but with somebody. I didn´t want to pass any viruses on anybody so I see nobody for quite a long time. And was bored. Really bored.
The old Czech proverb says that "the way you feel on New Year´s Day the way you feel for the rest of the year". According to that the last year should have been full of free time for me, watching movies, doing nothing. And as you know, it was completely opposite. I didn´t have time for myself (truly didn´t any) since about November. Almost for the whole year I was taking care of somebody else but myself. I don´t regret it at all. It was just something I had to do it. For me, for my sister, for Smallone.
In contrast, the very first days of this year are very pleasant. Full of people, full of new information, full of energy, full of time spending very agreeably. And I am not bored at all.
So I hope it will continue the way it is now. Or, according to the previous experience with the proverb, my new year will be about caring of myself again. Or I hope at least some part of the year will be about it:-)
And my gnomes are back. Again. I had not realised they were missing since I coudn´t find some important things. And now I regret I didn´t enjoy the time they were gone. Silly me! And now they´re back.
I can´t find some socks again. Just one from the pairs, of course. So yesterday I was wearing two black socks but with absolutely different pattern on each. I didn´t realise at first (it was a New Year´s Day, I was tired, know..), and when I did, it was too late. I wasn´t able to find the rest of the pairs.
I can´ t find one DVD. It is very mysterious disappearance. It is nowhere here in our flat. And I mean really nowhere as I was so desperate that I was looking for it even in the fridge, even in the basket of clothes to wash next to the washing machine, even behind the cupboards and cabinets. It is nowhere.
And I still don´t know what the gnomes long for to pay a bribe to them and get those things back.

Yesterday my Sister and Smallone came (with my sister´s new boyfriend) to have a New Year´s Day´s lunch with us. Despite the fact I wasn´t feeling very alive (I was tired as hell and therefore I looked like a noonday witch with all those fluttering hair around me, and almost no make-up), I really wanted a New Year´s photo with Smallone. With my sweet and lovable niece. But I was so wrong!
She has turned three and started to be even more stubborn as she was. And yesterday she decided she didn´t want to be taken any photo of her. I was trying to be very furtive and so was my sister (who were holding a camera), but nothing worked.
So I have many photos of my breast and Smallone´s running legs, many photos of my legs and Smallone hair (yes, that is possible), many photos of my hair and Smallone´s hair. And the best we could do was these two:

Smallone: "Nooo, you cannot see my face, not at all!"

Me: (through the teeth to my sister ) "Come on! Push that button! Oh, it´s late again.."

Smallone:"Stop taking photos of me! My face´s not here, and even my hands have disappeared!"

So it was until Smallone found a princess hat in my room (don´t ask what this kind of hat does in my room, long story) and put it on. She started to frolic and "Look, I am a princess, take a photo of me!" So I did and they lived happily ever after. The End.


Paula said...

Smallone steals my heart, every single time I see her. She's a princess.

Anonymous said...

je to fakt rozená princezna :-))