Thursday, 21 August 2008

Gnomes Again...

You know my gnomes, do you. Since today they have been on holiday, I suppose. In some tiny fairy rest home full of relaxing activities as a trip through the biggest black hole in the world, competitions "who moves the biggest or heaviest thing from one place to another" or "who moves the most things from one place to another in certain time", and, of course, exercising how to make things disappear when people look at them directly.
But today they have come back. The break did them good because now they are really full of action and energy. I am missing one CD, a book (the heavy big one, they must be strong..), and favourite tee shirt. I hope these things will appear soon... I will try to pay a bribe to get them back. But am not still sure what I should offer. Who knows what gnomes hunger for?


PJ said...

Love your commentary on gnomes and how they operate. I think they're universal as I'm certain several are in my home.

Namnet said...

Thank you for nice comment and welcome.
So the gnomes family is so big?:-) Maybe the black holes are much more bigger than I have thought. Maybe they can lead from one home to another so the gnomes can send reinforcement whenever it is required by their headquarters. And we miss more and more things.:-)