Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Long Time, No Blogging... Lots of Thoughs

Ok, I´m back.

At first, I thought: "Oh, I really need a break from blogging, from thinking, from everything. Let´s focus on my work and family matters. Let´s have about two-week holiday from blogging." But then I looked at the calendar and it´s been about three-month holiday from blogging at last. A long time. Lots of things happened. Smallone has grown up a lot. She´s also learned a lot of new words and  she can´t be stopped from talking now and therefore her mother´s head is going to explode soon. By the way, my sister is quite happy now. Things have calmed down a bit. And I am happy for her. 

Me, my sister and Smallone, spent one week holiday with my father and step-mother in the Highlands region. I took lots of pictures, and am going to post them here soon. 

Smallone was bought a first real bike! Also lots of pictures of her riding it and people jumping aside not to be run over. 

The school year ended and I had to say good-bye to many of my students. With the small ones it was easier, even there were some moving moments. As this one - one of my ten-year old student knocked on my door and said: "I just want to thank you for everything and to say good-bye as I am not going to be here next school year..." and he started to cry. So I gave him a hug, said thank you and "be brave, everything is gonna be fine". And was moved a lot. 

With my older students it was quite tough for me. They were amazing class and we spent lots of funny moments together. They were clever and quick-minded and it was one the best classes I have ever teached. So I gave them their certificates and we went to the pub and spent there almost three hours chatting. I miss them already. I am also going to write about them in some other post as they made me think about me, about teaching, and about how some people influence your live. 

Now I am sitting in my friend´s house. She´s gone for holiday and I  promised to take care of her two cats and thousands of marvelous flowers and plants. She is the most keen and capable gardener I know. Also lots of photos. 

It is getting dark and I have to water some plants outside. And I have to see them. Or their flowerpots or, at least, watering can. And then a bit of reading in the bed. 

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