Wednesday, 15 July 2009


I´ve just come back home. As I wrote yesterday I looked after my friend´s house and two cats for two days. And flowers and plants of course. It was a pleasure to did it as my friend is very nice and caring and filled her fridge with food and drinks for me. I lived as a queen for two days. My only duties were to water the plants and feed the cats. Easy job.
The two tigers I was looking after are Snuggles (female, found at the airdrome):

... and Mikeš (male, called after famous Czech fairytale tomcat):


And as I also wrote before, my friend is a keen gardener and grows different (and weird, but nice) plants and flowers.

One of them is a funny plant called Mimosa, or Touch-me-not. It has got also many others names, but all of them mean that this plant is very very shy.

Its curiosity value is that the compound leaves fold inward and droop when touched, re-opening within minutes.

She has also many plants outside the house, especially on the terrace. She grows Daylilies - their buds come into blossom usually just for one day:

There are many types of Gentians and my friend grows one of them on her terrace:

She has also some Solanum trees:

I don´t know what kind is that, but it has small white flowers. Those flowers than turn to small green berries which become orange soon. And they are not edible:

The terrace is really calming and relaxing place. On the one side there are all of those above mentioned plants (and some more)...:

... and on the other side there is a nice place for having a cup of coffee in the morning or reading a book in the evening. And the relieving shadow is also provided by some plant, of course:

I always admire my friend´s plants. Inside her home it looks the same as on her terrace - plenty of flowers everywhere. And she really amuse herself with taking care of them all. The flowerpots are put in some fancy shelves, they have their places on the ground. And not just the flowers, but also the flowerpods are special in my friend´s house:


Sue said...

I enjoyed seeing the cute cats and nice looking plants. It was nice of you to take care of all that!

syel said...

that was very sweet of you to look after your friend's cats and her home. your friend has a green thumb! and i love the cats!

btw, thanks for dropping by my blog! :)

Namnet said...

She´s a good friend of mine, so it was a pleasure to help her:-)