Friday, 13 March 2009

Skywatch Friday - Finally the Clouds

Last few days were not very good for skywatching. The sky was grey and it was drizzling. Usually for the whole days. It is a sign that the winter is coming to its end. Also the temperatures are higher and the air smells differently. Almost like a spring.
The clouds have appeared and it´s been an amazing parade of beautiful views.


There are many amazing photos of the sky from all over the world here, so don´t miss them!



Photo Cache said...

These are beautiful; the last two are quite dramatic. Hope you have a good weekend.

PJ said...

I'm so glad to know spring is finally on it's way. I'm looking forward to seeing the sun in your skies. Happy SWF!

martie said...

Beautiful skies you have! All of these are wonderful to look at!

bukester said...

welcome back, missed you!

Sue said...

Hi Namnet! I'm glad you're back. Thanks for your comment on my post from today. I'm glad to hear your sister and small one are doing OK. I came here to see if I'd left a comment and see that I didn't. Those were some lovely March skies there!

Sometimes I think I should take a break from blogging, because I can't seem to get my house uncluttered.