Thursday, 12 February 2009

Skywatch Friday

This week was full of skywatching as the weather was bored and was trying to let us focus or something like that.
It started on Monday. The night fell and while I was walking home (I visited a friend of mine), I saw the most unusual moon I´d ever seen. It was huge and yellow, and looked like from the horror movie - just the thin black cloud was crossing it. I could almost hear the werewolf´s howl. The moon was so weird that I rang to my sister to look at it.

Me: "Have you seen the moon tonight?"
My sister: "What?"
Me: "The moon!"
My sister: "Are you crazy? You are calling just because of the moon?"
Me: "Yes! Look outside!"
My sister: "Ok, ok. I will."

I was hurrying home, grabbed my camera, but the moon wasn´t neither so big nor so scary anymore. So I took no picture of it.
On Tuesday the weather was the nicest ever in the morning - the sun was shining, no wind, quite nice temperature. But about the noon the sky became one big dark grey cloud. It all happened so quickly I couldn´t almost noticed.
Then it started to snow. But it wasn´t the usual snow-falling as we know here. The snowflakes were about three centimetres big and became one big impervious wall of snow. The wind was so strong you couldn´t hide from it. And it was snowing and snowing and snowing. And I didn´t have my camera with me. So no pictures again.
On Wednesday the snow started to melt. And today, the sun was shining again, again there was a wonderful temperature, and there are almost no signs of snow after all. Tricky weather.


So I´ve decided to post a photo I took last Friday while walking with Smallone home (see the last post).
It was cold but sunny. A beautiful winter day. The sun in winter makes so different light from the summer one.
The photo is not edited at all. Just straight from the camera.


To see beautiful skies from all over the world, visit the skywatch site!


Guy D said...

Great capture, I like the reflection on the pavement. Well done.

Have a great weekend!
Regina In Pictures

Babooshka said...

The slight lilac shimmer is so pretty.

Photo Cache said...

LOL! I learned my lesson to always bring a camera with me wherever I go so as not to miss any "significant" thing I want to photograph, especially if it's skywatch related.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

I tend to take my camera everywhere just in case. I HATE to miss a great photo. ;-)

Patricia said...

Great shot!
I take my camera with me wherever I go :)
have a happy weekend!
My blog

PJ said...

Namnet, this is a fabulous photo! Excellent! It looks a little like a sepia tone of vehicles back in the 1920's or 1930's. I really like it. I'm looking forward to seeing spring in Slovenia.

Debbie @Like a Rose said...

What an awesome photo - great capture.

So sorry you didn't get the moon - the sky always seems to show something unique when I don't have my camera nearby.

PJ said...

Sorry about that, I knew when I was writing it that I should be Czeching it to make sure. '~)

bukester said...

Nice foto! You have a real artistic eye for photography. Have a wonderful day and make sure smallone does not make a soup with your camera as an ingredient!

PJ said...

Namnet, we missed you this week. Let us know how you're doing.

Namnet said...

Thank you for nice comments. Since then my camera is still in my bag not to miss any great capture:-)

I bet Smallone would take as much photos as she could if she grabbed my camera (as she is doing all the time). I am always very surprised when browsing photos "I´ve taken". The half of them is not mine, but taken by Smallone:-)
So I am not afraid of using my camera as an ingredient as she would miss it more than me, I think:-)

Namnet said...

When I saw this photo on the computer screen I had the same idea of vehicles back in the old times. I must say I put it here not because of the sky as much as for those cars:-)
I didn´t participated last week because I was quite busy and I am posting the explanation this evening, I promise.
And I am very happy to have friends here who cares. Thank you.