Thursday, 26 February 2009

I Was Doing Thousands Things But Blogging

Last two weeks there were many things in my mind. Blogging was one of them, but my priorities were the others.
Maybe you remember that I teach at two schools. And at one of them, the windows were changed last week. So all things which were close to those windows had to be moved somewhere else. Imagine a school. Imagine where there are windows (everywhere). Imagine what things are close to those windows.
Now imagine a very small school (thank God) where there are windows everywhere, where all empoyees are women, and where there should be something moved. Yes, we are very strong women....
At weekend we were celebrating two birthdays - my uncle´s and my mother´s. Many of my friends joke that our family (including my grandparents, uncle, aunt, cousins) does nothing but celebrating. Well, it´s true that the only months when there´s nobody´s birthday are July and August. And we still come together reguralry.
After the birthday party, my sister and Smallone stayed overnight with us. I was truly enjoying it. But you know - if there´s a cute small child in the house, there´s no other space for anything.

"Oh, hello Blue Mirror." "Hi, Red Clock. What´s up?"

Last week a lot of snow fell. And so did this week. It is not so usual here, in the south, to have snowdrifts at the end of the February so we seized the opportunity and walk outside a lot. The weather was quite nice since today (today it was raining in the evening), the sun was shining, there was a lot of powder snow, the trees looked like from the fairytale. What else we could wish for?


On Monday and Tuesday the water pipes were changed in our house. Just part of them, but it was still quite uncomfortable.

The other days I read three books. I slept just a little (as I was reading those books and couldn´t stop in the middle of them). I visited a friend of mine (long pleasant chat). I worked.

And I realised how much our sight can deceive us. I visited my sister and Smallone last two weeks a lot (support is support, and once you decide to be the buttress you should hold on). Once I went there in the morning. The day was grey, no sun. And there were lots of new snow on the ground. One thick unbroken layer, no footmarks, no sidewalks. So I was walking through the white flat land and I started to feel a bit dizzy - I had to stop focusing on the ground.

There were no shapes (remember no sunshine or any other light), everything was white (I was going a bit up the hill so the white colour was really everywhere in front of my eyes), there were no trees or any other significant point I could focus on, and I realised how difficult was to persuade my mind that the ground was not going upside down. Quite a weird experience.



PJ said...

Interesting experience: no reference points, complete confusion. Smallone looks so pink and healthy! Her Mum takes good care of her (and so do you!).

bukester said...

A wonderful story!