Monday, 9 February 2009

Another Photo Report (At My Grandparents´ and No Sleeping at All)

On Friday our grandmother invited us for lunch. It was delicious.
Who is wondering? Everybody knows she was born as an excellent cook.

Smallone was talking our grandfather (her great-grandfather) into something:

Smallone: "Now, do you understand, why we will have to do it?"
Grandpa: "Of course sweetie."

We were swinging a lot. We always do while being at the grandparent´s place. We swing till we are sick. But it is the swing´s magic - you are never so sick not to be able to swing again after few minutes.

Maybe you´ve noticed my sister´s hair. Oh yes, she has had a hair cut. She wasn´t so radical as I suggested (well, she is sane), but in spite of it she has shedded about 20 centimetres of her hair. It suits her. And makes her a bit older, I think.

(She´s glad about the getting-older thing. Because when she goes for a walk with Smallone, some people usually stop her saying: "What a lovely girl you have. Is it your small sister, girl? Or are you babysitting for someone?" Oh yes, this really happened. We all laughed about it a lot. Even my sister did:-))

We went shopping after lunch. Smallone should have been asleep. We told her. She knew it. Or she pretended to know it. But she didn´t care about it at all. She was in her walking and running mood.

After the long run Smallone´s legs got hurt a bit ("Sweetie, what about sitting in a pram?" "Nooo, no."), so she rested her legs while we were waiting at the bus stop for our Mum, Smallone´s grandmother.

It was quite fun. People, who were walking along, were watching with astonishment, one small child wanted to join Smallone ("Mum, could I also lie there?" "No, you could´t! It´s freezing, you will get a cold. Come on, keep going!"), but Smallone didn´t care at all. She found the best position for herself and relaxed.

And then our mum arrived and we continued walking home.

Smallone: "Mum, I´ve found a new pair of boots for you. You should buy them!"

Smallone: "I will hold it! I will help you!"

"What is it? I´ve noticed something really interesting over there! I should explore it."

"An old pump! What a thing! I shall try if it still works..."

Note: We got home safely, no wet shoes or any other part of clothes.



Sister said...

Sestro, ta fotka na houpačce je strašná. Úplně se stydím, vypadám tam jak vyoraná myš :-) Teď budu jen těžko přesvědčovat ostatní, že normálně vypadám o hodně líp :-)))

Namnet said...

(my sister is not satisfied with the second photo on the swing. "How will I persuade other people that I look much better in real life, when they see that?:-))"

Ok, I must admit. I wasn´t sure if post this photo or not:-) But it was the only one where your hair can be seen quite good! And you don´t look so bad... you don´t look like just ploughed up mouse at all... Not really... Ehm. Love you!!:-))

bukester said...

your sister should not worry as she looks lovely! You all look lovely!

PJ said...

It's nice to see your family together, four generations in one essay. Your sister is very pretty and her hair looks great. She's got nothing to worry about.