Thursday, 29 January 2009

Skywatch Friday

These days the weather is teasing us. First, the temperatures got higher and all the snow melted. Then the temperatures has become lower again, but there´s no snow, just the cold strong wind is trying to blow us away.
The sky is grey all day long and only ravens cruise above our heads.


Te memories about last year summer holidays comes to my mind very often during these grayish days.


You shouldn´t miss the skies from all over the world in Skywatch site. I bet the others has been visited by some clouds, maybe the sun, and therefore they were able to take more interesting photos than I was.


Photo Cache said...

I like this gray cloudy skies full of birds. It's nice for a winter day. Hope you have a good week.

Kathy said...

This is interesting. LOL kinda reminds me of that old Alfred Hitchcock movie "The Birds". Hope you get some sunny skies soon. =)

Babooshka said...

Interesting choice. A very honest image.

Louise said...

Your music is making up for the dull skies!! My kids came to listen, too!

Guy D said...

Wow, what an incredible amount of birds. great shot.

Regina In Pictures

PJ said...

I think it's all the pictures of the SWF skies that make it interesting. Sometimes I get tired of seeing fantastic sunset, etc. I love any photo of birds and I like this one a lot. Happy SWF!

Etje said...

What a great amount of birds. Great shot.

Skies said...

What awesome view. Thanks for sharing.

The Good Life in Virginia said...

not the best weather ... the ravens are probably circling trying to get

have a good weekend.


Tarolino said...

Are those really ravens? Our ravens can be seen in pairs or sometimes threesomes but never like this. Crows on the other hand gather up in big flocks especially in winter.
Still it is good to post what one sees I find. Gives it a true picture of the passing times.

Marc said...

It's still a pretty nice shot. You don't see this type of photo very often and that makes it kind of special.

Namnet said...

I would like to thank you all for so nice comments. They are very supportive and I appreciate them.

I was searching the internet to see the difference between raven and crow, as I was confused about it. And I must say I am still confused, because there are many kinds of these birds and some can be distinguished very well, some not.
And in my country, they look almost the same (well, I think so). When I look around in winter, I can see just those big ravens, so maybe that´s why I thought the birds were ravens too.