Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Today´s Adventure

My sister´s and Smallone´s holiday here is coming to its end. I´ve realised that even I don´t have time to do almost anything, I am really enjoying playing with Smallone, even arguing with her is a fun (for me, not for my sister who argues with her much often and about more important things than me, of course). I couldn´t imagine how the child is able to fill your household and leisure time.

Although Smallone is a big girl already (2 years and three months), we usually go out with her pram. Just in case she would be tired. But today we went out without it and we decided to walk quite a long way.
She was gorgeous. We went to the centre of town. We stopped in a flower shop (she loves flowers, and there were also some birds in the cage in this shop - she loves birds), then I bought a book (The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman), and after that we caught a bus (she adores buses) and went home. About 50 metres from our house she claimed she was so tired that her legs were trying to disobey her. And her eyes were closing.
My sister and me thought: "Good! She is going to fall asleep immediately when she comes home."
And then we came home. And guess what? Yes, she fell asleep two hours later (after playing thousands of games).
I know I wrote it here before, but I wonder more and more: Where, the hell, those kids take so much energy? Can I get some? (I fell asleep immediately after Smallone did).

There´s nothing as sweet as sleeping child.

(Smallone is visiting her father now, so that´s why I am able to write this post. Maybe I will be able to write the other one. Just maybe, because she is coming back soon. Our sweetheart.)


PJ said...

Bottle some of that energy up and send it to me! She's just adorable (but you already know that). '~)

Namnet said...

I will, PJ, I will.
If I was able to bottle it, I might make a fortune:-)
But for you, I would send it for free, of course:-)

Sister said...

Mateřská láska je to, co matka cítí, když všechny děti spí :-)