Wednesday, 4 February 2009

A Scarf Fay

I had a meeting with a friend of mine. We got together after work, went to the café, gossiped, and then we went shopping a bit. We didn´t look for anything special, just went through the shops and browsed the things.
And I found a truly bargain - two wonderful (and extremely cheap) scarfs. One was dark red, the other one was light blue. I bought them both and they made me happy. I love such things.
The lovely afternoon ended with visiting my sister and Smallone. Of course I showed off my catches. My sister was thrilled (we have agreed I will borrow her any scarf anytime she wants), Smallone became mad about them both.

She was trying the scarves on...

...we tied them to some kind of dress, she was posing...

...and running around...

...having fun.



Peťa said...

sweet little model :-)

Sue said...

I enjoyed catching up on your posts. What a little sweetie! I just skimmed part of them, so I didn't catch where they are going after they stay with you. Is your brother-in-law still out of the picture? I hope things are going well. They look happy, even uncombed.


PJ said...

Smallone On Project Runway! In the last one she looks like she's on the catwalk! I like to see her smile. '~)

Namnet said...

She will be famous one day:-)

They have gone to the flat they lived before. Now, just Smallone and my sister live there, but in spite of this, I think they are finally really happy.
Smallone visits her father as often as he wants to see her and my sister enjoys the serenity in the household after all.

Namnet said...

She smiles all the time now:-)
She has also learned fake smiling (as well as fake crying) and entertains us with it all the time:-)