Sunday, 28 December 2008

More Christmas

On December 25, my grandmother makes dinner for the whole family.
(from the left to right - my mother, my sister and Smallone, my Grandma who makes the best meals ever, my Grandpa, my uncle and aunt (they cannot be seen properly), and my two cousins)

Smallone´s eyes were (literally) shining again.

my aunt and uncle while distributing the presents.

My grandparents have something special in their garden. A swing! Even it has undergone many reconstructions and repairs, it is the same swing my great-grandfather made for his children. All children in the family has been enjoying this special thing since then. Even the grown- ups like it.

On December 25 the weather was wonderful. There was no single cloud on the sky.

So we went to the garden and were swinging and swinging and swinging...

Smallone with me and my younger cousin

The only disadvantage of such a nice weather was the weird light on some places. Here is my mother and Smallone. They are a bit green and yellow, but I still like the photo.

Another beautiful Christmassy day.


bukester said...

Lovely family photos! Thank you for sharing!

PJ said...

A swing that your great-grandfather made? That is a wonderful heirloom and a grand tradition. I still love to swing myself.

Namnet said...

Yes, that swing is a very special thing. We have many photos where my mother and aunt (her sister) are swinging and they are the same age as me and my sister now.
When put these two photos next to each other we can see our past. And maybe our future as well.