Monday, 29 December 2008

Even More Christmas

We had many Christmas celebrations as our family is quite spread out. So here are the rest of Christmassy family photos.

unwrapping presents at my father´s place - from the left to right: my sister, Smallone, my father and stepmother

Smallone: "Oh, what a present!"

The best present of the day (She is erasing a picture of a bird doodled by her. What? You cannot see it? It is so obvious!)

Every year, on December 26 we visit our second grandmother (our father´s mother). Again a Christmas tradition. So we did this year as well.

Smallone is a very curious child. She loves exploring and discovering new or hidden things. So here, in this picture, she is holding her favourite toy (a pup called Puppy - Smallone chose this name for him) and the key. It cannot be seen properly, but she is trying to open the cabinet with it.

"Oh no! We are revealed! Hurry, Puppy, run away!!"



bukester said...

Happiness comes from the simple things in life, family and friends! Lovely fotos! Happy New Year to you!

Namnet said...

You are so right!
Happy New Year to you, too.

PJ said...

Smallone usually looks so shy, like Princess Diana, to see her smiling and laughing is wonderful. And she's so pretty in pink! I'm glad you had such a wonderful Christmas. I hope your new year of teachiing is as interesting is this last one has been and that your sister is feeling better.

Namnet said...

I think that the age of 2 - 3 is the most wonderful age of a child. They start to talk, to discover the world around them properly, they are not naughty on purpose:-)
Smallone was 2 on October.

The Christmas were beautiful and I am glad we enjoyed them - even my sister. And for this I am thankful the most.