Sunday, 28 December 2008


As I wrote before, our Christmas was fun and pure joy of being together. I felt that way. And here are some photos:

This is our Christmas tree. Usually we buy a pine tree, but this year we have a fir tree settled in our living room.

Smallone was thrilled about these presents the most. She loves girl´s things as dolls or tiny children´s tableware, but she also loves the things as buses or motorbikes.

And because some part of our town is being reconstructed and she can see diggers everywhere, she´s fallen in love with these machines as well.

She also liked the small wooden box I gave to my sister (above).

And she also liked this superb teacup my sister gave me. I´ve started to make tea about 10 times a day! I just love things like teacups. And this one is of a perfect size and shape. Love it.

We enjoyed our Christmas Day.



Sue said...

Your niece sure is a sweetie! We have lots of construction going on around us, too. I remember when my kids were young, and we'd stop and watch people digging or whatever they were doing that we could see.

That looks like a nice box you got your sister. I have one similar to that. I love that tea cup, too. I have been drinking 2 to 4 cups of tea a day lately. I may just have to go make another cup after I send this comment.

I liked the pics you posted after these, too. I can tell you have a caring family. That swinging looked like fun.

Happy New Year,

Namnet said...

I hope you enjoyed your cup of tea:-) My consumption of tea has risen a lot since I was given so wonderful tea cup.
And yes, I definitely have a caring family. That´s why I am posting all of these Christmas pictures. It is some kind of thanks and that I know I am lucky to have them.

And there´s no better relax as swinging. Nobody should lose his or her inner child ever.

PJ said...

When my son was growing up I gave him whatever toys he was interested in, even dolls. I think it's great that Smallone has trucks as well. And I am a dedicated tea and hot chocolate drinker. What else is winter for!

Namnet said...

Oh, hot chocolate... I have to make one.
For me winter comes when I start to make more than one cup of tea a day:-)