Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Welcoming New Year

Today is the last day of this year. I am going to spend it with part of my family and with some friends. I usually do not visit big parties or do not need thousands people around me. But when the midnight strikes, we kiss each other, wish the best for new year, and then we phone (thanks the mobile phones´ inventor) the rest of the family and friends to wish them the best too.
I do not make any New Year´s Eve resolution as I think everything depends on us, and us only. But still I hope the new year could be different, maybe there will be some change (a good one, of course), and I am looking forward to it. What can it be? We will see the next year.
What Is to Come
by William Ernest Henley

WHAT is to come we know not. But we know
That what has been was good--was good to show,
Better to hide, and best of all to bear.
We are the masters of the days that were;
We have lived, we have loved, we have suffered...even so.

Shall we not take the ebb who had the flow?
Life was our friend? Now, if it be our foe--
Dear, though it spoil and break us! --need we care
What is to come?

Let the great winds their worst and wildest blow,
Or the gold weather round us mellow slow;
We have fulfilled ourselves, and we can dare
And we can conquer, though we may not share
In the rich quiet of the afterglow
What is to come.
So let´s the year 2009 be full of health, kindness, love and friendship for you.


PJ said...

Beautiful sentiments, Namnet. I like this poem ever so much. i hope New Year's Eve was as happy a time as you hoped for. Beat wishes,

bukester said...

A lovely poem. All the best in 2009!

Namnet said...

I am glad you like the poem, it is one of my favourite and suits the ariving of new year, I think.

New Year´s Eve cannot disappoint me:-)
I read on your blog, that yours was also nice, and I hope all your new year will be the same.

Thank you, and I also wish you the best (and more) in 2009:-)