Thursday, 25 December 2008

Something More Exhilarating Than the Last Post

Little Jesus was very kind to me this Christmas. He gave me some useful things, some things just for fun, but all of them were lovely and amazing and I am very thankful and grateful.
The Christmas dinner was delicious yesterday (as usual, thank you Mum). There were four of us - me, my sister, our mother, and Smallone. After eating the dinner and unwrapping the presents, we were watching fairytales and eating the Christmas sweets. It was very nice time. We enjoyed it a lot.
Today all the family was invited to my grandparents´ place for dinner. It is our family tradition. The dinner was toothsome (as usual, thank you Granny). And we enjoyed it a lot again.
After that my sister, Smallone and me, visited our father´s family, because Little Jesus brought some presents for us there as well. The refreshment was very good (as usual, thank you Hanka). And we enjoyed it a lot.
Tomorrow I am visiting my other grandmother. It will be the last distribution of presents this Christmas. And after that I am going to share some photos of my presents (I was a very nice girl!), and our Christmas tree, and Smallone whose eyes were shining all the time.
Well, I must have been very nice girl to have so many Christmases and to feel so much love around me. I think I was:-)


PJ said...

It sounds like you had a very nice, and productive Christmas, Namnet. I'm sorry I haven't visited sooner but between being sick and Christmas I felt like a marathoner stumbling across the finish line, trying to get a post up for Christmas Eve. And then, a rest!

Namnet said...

It´s all right, PJ. I understand that Christmas time is very nice but also very time consuming.
I am glad you could manage it after all. I appreciate your comments a lot.

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.