Friday, 10 October 2008

The Dual Personality and Kendra Stout


I am Gemini. Whatever you have ever read about this zodiac sign, it is all about me. I perfectly fit to every of those descriptions. Well, to most of them (I don´t like bright yellow or green to wear.)

The main thing is - there are two minds inside my body (and, no, I am not a lunatic.... hmm, I guess I am not...:-)). Two sisters, the twins, but with different states of minds.

If you have ever read The Discworld series by Terry Pratchett, maybe you remember Agnes (the fat witch with a thin witch called Perdita X. inside). In general - Agnes is well-mannered, shy, amiable and obedient. In contrast, Perdita X. is cocky, courageous and (let´s say) furious and rough.

And that´s it. I am usually very amiable and kind (I try to be), but from time to time the other Namnet appears and she can be very wild and sarcastic. My body tries to keep the balance between them both, so I can be very kind, and very ironic at the same time - I don´t make cruel jokes to anybody, everything what is said, is said in jest, and to make other people laugh a bit.

Yesterday this dialogue between me and my friend happened:
Friend: "... ehm, I read your post about the Tudors, marriages and the stones.."
Me: "Really? And did you like it? Those stones, interesting, is it?"
Friend: "..err..yep, that was absorbing, but..."
Me: "What? Come on, tell me."
Friend: "Did you really mean it? The part about guidances how to live in a happy marriage?"
Me: (laughing) "What do you think?"
Friend: "I don´t think you were serious about that, but I am not sure. Do you really like seeking these type of information on the net?"
Me: "Silly. Again - what do you think?"
Friend: "It was just fun. Something you found funny and interesting, so you posted it. Am I right?"
Me: "Of course, you are. It was so zany research I had to post the results. As if the relationships could be generalized.."
Friend: "Yep, I agree. When reading it, I couldn´t see your face, you know, so I wasn´t sure if you mean it or not.."
Me: "I see. That is why I put the label Thoughts about funny-bone to every post I don´t mean so seriously."
Friend: "I thought so."

From time to time, I am posting here some things I find amusing, silly or wacky. I think they are interesting and giving evidence of something, after all. But please, do not take me so seriously. You know, the ironic girl inside me almost always wins.


The picture above was drawn by Kendra Stout (


Peťa said...

co už, ironic girl jsou nejlepší... Ta má je většinou v popředí.

bukester said...

I have often had similar experiences with posting on the web and email. Viva Irony!

Namnet said...

to Peťa: Ta moje taky:-) Drtí tu hodnou a klidnou svou železnou ironií a umí být ostrá jak břitva:-)

to Bukester: Live long Irony!:-)