Wednesday, 8 October 2008

The End, the Middle, and the Beginning

Last night I was watching the end of the second season of The Tudors series. It ended with the execution of Anne Boleyn, brilliantly made, by the way. I was so moved and sobbed the last fifteen minutes of this episode. Definitely, I am a huge fan and looking forward to the third season a lot.
British psychologists have solved the secret of happy marriage. The group around doctor Ludwig Lowenstein (I wonder if it is a real name:-)) says that 22 short periods of quality time spend together a month are enough. These moments must include also a walk and romantic dinner or a trip.
They discovered that to be in a happy marriage you should do certain things every month. You should spend 7 dinners together, go for 2 romantic walks, and go to the theatre or a pub once a month without your children or friends. And a man should buy flowers (or any other present) to woman at least once a month as well.
What interesting things you can find browsing through the world wide web....
It Québec, Canada, the scientists have discovered the oldest stones in the whole world. The stones´ ages are estimated to be more than 4,28 milliard years old. According to the Jonathan O´Neil, the main author of the treatise, they could give us a new perspective of the origin and the birth of our planet.
Well, we will see....


Michael Reid said...

I never caught any of The Tudors. I heard it was quite good though. Will have to check it out at some point...

Namnet said...

You should do so:-) If you don´t mind historical
movies/series/whatever, you won´t be disappointed, I promise:-)