Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Autumn Leaves and More Wedding Photos

I went shopping with my sister and Smallone today afternoon. As we were walking the streets in the centre of our town, I realised that there was something wrong. First, I couldn´t understand what was it. Then we were passing a small hillock of fallen leaves and I got it. There were no fallen leaves anywhere except that hillock. And walking the streets I miss them cracking under my shoes.
In the centre of our town two ladies appear and start to clean the streets up early every morning. And they also get rid of the leaves. No single one has a chance to survive their attack.
I also love autumn because of the leaves. I like watching the way they change their colours. And no matter if they still hang on trees or they are fallen on the ground.

Since I was a small girl I´ve loved to wade through the hills of fallen leaves, dip my shoes deep into them and scatter them around. I love the sound they make when walking through them. It is a sound of the autumn.
And I missed this sound these days. Walking through the streets of our town today, I realised I am not the only one. When we were passing that small hillock of fallen leaves, my sister stealthily changed her way a bit so she could go through the leaves, dip her shoes deep into them and scatter them around.
Fortunately, the lack of fallen leaves is just in the centre of the town. Around our home, there are lots of trees with wonderfully colored leaves. And when the leaves fall, nobody cares and there are tens of them to play with.
On Sunday, my sister´s family came to have lunch with us, and Smallone picked some of the leaves up in front of our house and she was enjoying them a lot.


Here are some more photos from my sister´s wedding. They were took by the professional photographer.

Smallone loves umbrellas:-) Anytime she sees any, she needs to open it and hide under it. The day when the wedding took place, the weather forecast wasn´t very good, so she secured herself:-)

My sister and her husband also walked on the leaves...



Peťa said...

I understand.. I love autumn leaves too. And, your sister was beautiful bridge, really!

bukester said...

Beautiful fotos! I love the leaves crunching underfoot also.

Tezz said...

NICE dress!!!

Namnet said...

Yes, my little sister grow in that beautiful dress a bit:-)

And autumn leaves is the best part of autumn:-)
I´ve noticed the lack of red ones around my house. I miss them a bit. There are yellow and green leaves everywhere, but no red ones. Maybe later...

PJ said...

Your niece looks very solemn. It must have been quite a day for her. Her parents are beautiful and they look like they really enjoyed their special day.

Namnet said...

She was solemn because she was a bit afraid. There were many people around her and she must have felt that something important was happening. But she was very nice during the whole ceremony, didn´t cry or anything.

Yes, my sister and her husband really enjoyed themselves. Even the photographer was surprised when discovered that they had been together for 8 years and have 2-year-old daughter because they looked at each other like being newly in love:-)