Monday, 1 September 2008

Yoga and Momma by Mell Lazarus

A friend of mine gave me a workout DVD as she knows I like doing exercises. When gaving it to me, we have this conversation (ok, pretty much like this):

She said: "Hey, sweety, this so cool, you should try it!"
Me: "Oh, thank you, so nice of you, what is it?"
She: "It is just a yoga DVD, but very good one."
Me: "Well, err, you know I like more strengthening and lively exercises, I need to get rid of all the surplus energy I have and yoga could be so, you know, sleepy.."
She: "Oh, come on! Just try it! It isn´t just a normal yoga, it is called the fit yoga."
Me: "What is the difference between a normal sleepy yoga and fit yoga trying to sound not so boring and sleepy?"
She: "You wry one! I did these exercises yesterday and they were really hard and I was sweating!"
Me: "I already have one yoga DVD and from time to time it is good to loosen your muscles up, so ok, I will give it a try.."
Yesterday I was doing the exercises in accordance with this DVD for the first time. And, oh my, it was a disaster! After first ten minutes the sweat was running from every pore on my body, and my breathing reminded the breathing mothers do during delivering a baby.
I´d done some yoga exercises before, nevertheless these ones were ruining me. But it was a good devastation. And you wouldn´t believe wherever on your body you can have muscles to ache...
I have to buy her a big bar of chocolate or a bunch of flowers to express my thanks.

Not long ago, my grandmother invited me and my mum to a restaurant. Just to talk and enjoy ourselves. And it was a very nice afternoon. It is sometimes very relaxing to leave men behind (even we love and adore them) and to discuss the "women stuff" like purses, shoes, men, children, clothes, but also movies, books, culture, sport, etc. The only ones we missed were my mother´s sister (my aunt), my sister and the Smallone - the rest of the women in our family. Next time they will be there for sure. There are four generation of women in my family and we have a power!:-)


Talking about mothers, there are some similarities they share. Everyday (or almost every day) I check the new Momma comic by Mell Lazarus in this site. Here is the description from the site first and then some examples to draw you in:

Momma by Mell Lazarus
"Only a mother could nag her child so much in such a sarcastic way that it becomes endearing. Momma’s kids love her and readers will too! Based in part on his own mother, Mell Lazarus’s Momma is a little bit like everybody’s mother. Syndicated in more than 400 newspapers, Momma has been entertaining readers since 1970."

So do not miss a new strip about Momma in gocomics. com here, and do not forget to browse through the archive on the right side of the comic.


Tezz said...

Great comic :)
And speaking of yoga... I really want to try it now :D

Namnet said...

You should try it:-) I had never thought that my inner muscles could ache before I tried the fit yoga. Actually, I have never thought I have any inner muscles at all...:-)

Kelly said...
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Tea and Margaritas in My Garden said...

That comic looks cute!
I`m looking forward to the new season of the Tudors. Love that show :)

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