Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Just Some Thoughts and Sunset Again

The summer holiday are almost over. Damn! Ok, I know what date is it but in one and a half week I am going to go to agree on one job. And the last week in August I will have to be in the second one. And from the September 1 it is going to start again .... teaching... the end of travelling posts.....I like those little rascals but why the summer break is so short? I always say that not students but teachers look forward to summer holiday the most:-)

My friend (that woman from the last post - the Sunday woman) has the same obsession as me - we both like taking pictures of the sunset. So here are some of her pictures she took yesterday.

She´s destroyed my theory about different colours in different seasons with these pictures. But back up the theory about the smog in the atmosphere and the colours:-) as she took these pictures far from the civilization.:

This is my favourite one:

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