Monday, 4 August 2008

Love and Magic in Mamma´s Kitchen

The play Love and Magic in Mamma´s Kitchen (Amore e magia nella cucina di mamma) by well-known Italian writer and director Lina Wertmüller is based on true story of the mysterious murders of three women.
And it is, of course, about love and magic. Mostly about mother´s love and white or black magic. It depends on what you think about Leonarda´s motivation.
Leonarda wants to marry Raffaelle, but her mother disagrees and maledicts her and her unborn children. And so it happens - every baby Leonadra gives a birth dies almost immediately after the birth.
When she buries the twelfth child, her old friend (who teaches her how to practise magic) offers her help. And finally the wonderful boy is born and survives every dangerous plot of life. But now he is in a war and Leonarda sees many warning sighs saying that her beloved boy will not survive. The signs also tell her that the only possibility how to save him is to sacrifice something very precious to her...


The information about Lina Wertmuller and her exciting life, films and characters, you can find here:,

and interesting information about what happened for real visit these sites:

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