Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Wish List Part 7 and No, No, No!!!

So we know what Meg did to Franco. In a nutshell she destroyed his new television, his opportunity to adopt her (and thanks to this become an owner of the house), and the illusions of people in his club about him being a pillar of the society. She made secret recording showing him the way he really is. The ugly good-for-nothing man, watching TV all the time, and from time to time beating his step-daughter the same way as he was beating her mother...
Sometimes " I don´t mind" means simply "I don´t mind". I´ve just finished one very dreary conversation with a friend of mine. She is a very nice willing person. But she is always making a huge problem from everything. Sometimes I feel like "come on! Mature, please, do it for me!". But she is my friend and I would never tell her things like these. I am trying to push her a bit somewhere else, but I am not her mother or mentor so I don´t want to do it. Well, I just have to recollect sometimes why she is a friend of mine and why I love her.
Today chat was really depressing. We sent almost 30 messages to each other just because she promised me something and is not able to fulfill it. Because she cannot. And I really understand her reasons. Really. I just don´t mind. Nobody´s going to die, the world is not going to stop turning.
So my messages were about persuading her not to do an absolutely silly thing to be able to fulfill her promise. And her messages were about persuading me that the thing she wants to do is not such a silly one....perhaps not too much silly one... and she will do it anyway. I gave in to her. I wasn´t able to resist any more. I need a sniffter. That conversation took a big amount of my energy. I don´t think the booze (I´ve just found some mead!!) will make me more lively but my brain wants to be fogbound.

I don´t know any other song with so many "no" within. It is Black Horse and the Cherry Tree by KT Tunstall. I like the song a lot but I don´t like the video which is connected with it. Well, nothing is perfect...

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