Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Hand Made Present and the Budgie

Today I met up with a friend of mine. She has two little girls and is expecting the third kid in September. She is a brave woman.. having three children..., isn´t she?:-) Yes, she is. And she is also a very skillful and dexterous person. She can make so many things and they are all very nice and even come in useful. She makes wattle baskets and trays, home made soaps, bobbin laces, jewellery and many other things.
As I had a birthday she gave me a wonderful present. Hand made. By her own hands and therefore more precious. She knows my interest in earrings and made this smashing set for me:


When I was coming home I saw a flock of about ten sparrows splashing in the puddle on the street. Among them there was a beautiful white and blue and grey budgie. Probably, he (I think it was a male according to that thing on his beak) flew away from his cage and got lost. I was trying to catch him for a while because I know he cannot survive outdoors. The lost tamed budgie cannot find food and feed itself and would starve to death. So I was trying to save him, but it was a bit foolish budgie and he didn´t let me do it and flew away with the sparrows. I hope the joining to that birds will help him to survive for a while. I hope when the sparrows find some food they will share it with the budgie... I like fairy tales...


I like the songs by Tori Amos. Great melodies, great lyrics. And she influenced Neil Gaiman´s character Delirium (who is said to smell of sweat, late nights, sour wine, and old leather..) in his Sandman series. I can´t help myself but I think her first album is the greatest. It is called Little Earthquakes, by the way. This song was released in Great Expectations soundtrack, and it is called Siren:

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