Monday, 9 June 2008

Birthdays and Other Disasters

Today is my birthday. My twenty-sixth birthday. I am getting older and older...:-) I´ve never been that kind of person who hates birthday, lies about her or his age, or feels depressed that other year passed. But how time flies the birthday is becoming the day of thinking about last year. Did I change? Did my life become better? Worse? Did my life change anyhow? And should it be changing at all?
I am accustomed to live from day to day. If I bump into a problem, some trouble affair, I always look for the brighter side of the thing, never get disconcert (at first:-)) or feel that my live and the world will be in ruins, I am a quite flexible person.
Of course, I am speaking about common things like the rainy days when you are on holiday, about meeting wonderful, smart and witty person who wants to be "just a friend" of yours, about not having enough money in one job and have to looking for another one, etc. These things are not pleasant or gladsome but they cannot ruin you if you won´t allow them to.
I believe that everything will be all right. There is always something what happens in the right time and brings you smile on your face. A meeting of a friend you haven´t seen for ages, a chat with your parents about something important for all of you, send an e-mail or sms to someone who is always positive and who responses you almost immediately just because he or she likes you, a friend who tells you: "that man (woman) is a twit and fool and you are gorgeous and clever and he (or she) doesn´t deserve even your glimpse", etc. I am sure you have at least one person who backs you up when you need it.
And thanks to those people I like my birthday and the year which has passed. They are congratulating me to this day and I know they remember me. And I remember them.
Of course there are many things I lack, like a lot of money, a picture-perfect husband, two children (girls, please) and easy joyful well paid work. But who would want the perfect life and bliss?:-)
My life is pretty fine.
Today song is going to be The History Repeating by Propellerheads featuring an amazing Shirley Bassey.
And something more. The Passenger by Iggy Pop featuring David Bowie. Two legends:-) This song always makes me feel to run away somewhere out-of-doors and dancing furiously and barefoot on the meadow:-)

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