Thursday, 19 June 2008

One Really Colossal Need of Respite

I need a break. The long summer break. This week at work I´ve been looking after children who didn´t left for the school camp. I am taking care of only twelve children but of various age. And the most of them is making me mad. Particularly the children I don´t teach regularly. The smallest ones. Somebody would think that the small ones (about age of 6) are the nicest and the easiest to control. Not at all.
They must have mistaken me for someone else. Someone who is not to be obeyed. Someone like their youth club educator. But I am not her at all. And I don´t mind we were in the same room today as they usually have the youth club meetings. I am not her. I was so furious when I told something (and was standing over them) and they just pretended they didn´t listen anything... when they did it for the third time (and I was still talking about the same thing) I was unnerved...
I am a very patient person but today my patience was at the minimum after the first hour (children wasn´t learning anything that´s why I wrote "an hour" not "the lesson"). I shouted so loudly and often today that one of my older students said to me: "Wow, Miss, you have so strong voice you should be a singer!!"
I´ve realized that I´ve created the "teaching voice". It it a bit different than my normal voice (sharper and high-pitched) so I am able to talk very loudly without shouting. I am able to talk down over twenty wild children with that voice.
And when I start to shout with that voice, everybody gets speechless. Once I made one boy cry with my teaching shouting voice. Even I wasn´t shouting at him directly. Well, it wasn´t very pleasant experience as for me as for him. The moment I saw his tears dripping to his desk from his face (and trying to hide them), the moment I stopped shouting and started to feel terrible. He was fine after a while and about miriad of my smiles, but I will never forget my feeling when I saw him crying. I felt like an idiot, a harpy and a savage. Even the boys, I was shouting at, deserved every word (and they knew it), the crying boy didn´t and it was my professional howler that he started to feel miserable. I shoud have predicted his reaction.
But something made me laugh today after all. I was playing a "Guess the Word" game by guessing the letters (in my coutry known as "Gallows" game, because for every unsolved letter the part of a gallows is drawn) with one girl from the first grade. Another girl from the fifth grade joined us.
So the small girl drew seven dashes presenting seven letters. I asked: "Is it an animal?" She replied: "Yes, it is." And we continued:
Me: "Is there a letter A in the word?"
The small girl nodded and added two As to the word.
So it was like this: ---A-A-
The bigger girl continued: "Is there any U in the word?"
The small girl: "No, there aren´t any U in this word." And she giggled for a while.
Me: "Is there a letter I in the word?"
The small girl: "Yes, it is." So the word became this: -I-A-A-.
I and the bigger girl were absolutely confused.
Me: "Is there a letter M in the word?"
The small girl: "Great! Of course, there is!" and smiled broadly. The word was: MI-A-A-.
The bigger girl looked at me dumbfoundly and whispered: "You know what it is? I have no notion."
Me bending my head to hers: "I also have no idea. Not a single one."
The small girl started to chuckle and I started to feel a bit empty-headed.
Me: "Ok, I am giving up. What is the word?"
The small girl smiled widely, clapped her hands with a pure joy, and added the rest of the letters. It was: MINABAS. (I thought: "Ok, I am empty-headed. What the hell animal is it?")
Me very carefully: "Well done, but... ehm... what have you just written on the board?"
The small girl answered with an astonishment and her eyes popped out: "Err.. it is a MINIBUS, of course!"
I love MTV Awards parodies. And today it was about school, so....:

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