Saturday, 21 June 2008

No Cups of Coffee Today...

I´ve got a quite lazy day. Yesterday I started to read another of the books I bought. And finished it again at 3 o´clock in the morning. I got up quite early today so I´ve felt like being hit with a heavy cudgel over my head for the whole day. I should stop reading during night. Better said, I should start reading a book earlier that at 9 o´clock in the evening...
One of my best friends wants me to cover her. She started to date another man. She wants to be with him and leaves her current boyfriend. But her boyfriend haven´t known yet that he is almost ex-boyfriend. He and me are not friends (I hardly know him), but I don´t like this situation at all. The friend of mine has promised me that she is going to solve this soon. I hope she is. I really do.
Next week the water pipes are going to be changed. It means that from 7 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon the water won´t run in the whole house for five days. It means I should move somewhere else. My grandparents have just left for a holiday so I am moving to their house tomorrow or on Monday. I would go there anyway because they have a very nice garden alongside their house and I go there very often to sunbathe. The fact they will not be present means that I will be able to sunbathe without a swimsuit. And it will probably mean I am getting sunburn soon on the places I won´t talk about here. Maybe. I will let you know:-)
I found this comic in the morning and it conjured up a smile on my tired out face (damned night readings). It remains me the small one. I can almost see her wink with that evil smile:-)

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