Sunday, 15 June 2008

The Neverending Party, Bathing and Soundtracks

I haven´t been posting anything for so long time because I was celebrating my birthday. Of course not all the time. I was also working a little and was straightening my hair and doing the best make-up ever for the celebration parties. In the time among these things I was trying to fell asleep for a while and to recover from the big amount of alcohol I´d consumed. As I am getting older my body needs more time to recuperate. That sucks...
I have to mention one "party" with my two girlfriends. These ladies also had birthdays (we have birthdays on 8. 6., 9.6. and 10.6. - our mothers were in the same hospital while giving us birth). These two ladies hate cigarette smoke and they don´t drink alcohol much. So I agreed with them on a meeting in a quite posh restaurant and hoped to get a bit drunk soon:-) But then I had a great idea (sometimes I astonish even myself how clever I am:-) - to invite one male friend of mine. He is clever, fun and the right person to get drunk with. And suddenly my two girlfriends were laughing at things they had never laughted at, they were drinking so much alcohol I´d never seen them to drink before, and the most interesting thing - we ALL went to a bar (full of cigarette smoke) they would never go to alone with me. I was enjoying that time a lot. One man´s charisma and what things it could bring about...
I´ve just come back from my sister´s place. Brother-in-law is having the afternoon shift this week so my sister and the small one were alone the whole afternoon. The small one is getting taller and transformed from day to day. She is really a beautiful, smart and skilful child. And my sister is so patient with her she should be proclaim saint:-)
We were bathing the small one together again. And it was fun again. A new bathing creature came! The three rubber ducks were joined by a PURPLE OCTOPUS!!! Let me introduce her: she likes walking on human legs, bathing in a small plastic cup and diving and making really big splashes.
And I still haven´t had my own bathing duck... My bathing times are lonely and dreary... I should do something about it.
I like The Garden State soundtrack. This song is included there. It is In the Waiting Line by Zero 7. By the way, I love the picture in the vid. I wonder who it is by...
This song is from another soundtrack. It is from The Virgin Suicides one. I love the film and this song. It is by French music duo called Air. According to wikipedia it is a backronym for Amour, Imagination, Rêve which translates to Love, Imagination, Dream. I like their music. The song is called Playground Love and the video shows the scenes from the film:
And because I do like the music by Air and today songs are from soundtracks, here is another one: it is from the movie Go! soundtrack (my another favourite film and soundtrack). Talisman by Air:

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