Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Led Zeppelin, Smallone, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Me

Led Zeppelin is a legend. As a band, as each musitian in the band. In 2007 they gave one and only gig in London. This year since 17th October the record of this concert was released in cinemas all over the world. And since 19th November you can buy this live recording on DVD.
I saw it in the cinema. Twice. First we went to our local cinema to the premiere. Excellent. I had not been a huge fan of Led Zeppelin before, but they were brilliant in this gig. The whole experience was simply brilliant. So I went to see this concert for the second time. We drove to another town to see it. Still brilliant. I love this song and its version here:


Smallone has turned six recently. She is a big girl now. We go swimming every week, and she goes ice-skating and dancing. She also has become a kind of family clown. She is very communicative and funny - she always has some remark on her tongue and she isn´t afraid of using them...


One of my favourite books is The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. And these days I have discovered and am reading his short stories. If you are interested, you can visit this wonderful and useful place. 
When I was reading his novel for the first time (I was trying to read Tender is the Night) I found it boring and with too many long descriptions of nothing and I wasn´t able to finish it. I was about fifteen then. When I came back to Fitzgerald´s work I was almost thirty. And suddenly everything made sense. Those descriptions were beautiful and meaningful. Those characters were so believable and true.

Sometimes you see yourself still the same. Still the same child / teenager / person. But through these kind of experiences you can say how long way you have arrived, how your experiences which had happend to you during your journey have changed you.
By the way, about two months ago I met my old friend. We had not seen each other for almost four years. She asked me how I was. I said I was fine. We talked about jobs, relationships, hair, and other important stuff. Then I told her something about leaving trains. She asked me how old actually I was. I told her I had just turned thirty. She looked surprised and said: "Really? So you look your age. I mean you look good...." :-)
And talking about being mature - I have just found a few photos of me and my sister. In the first one we are swinging on the seesaw in the playground. In the second one my sister is climbing a tree. In the third one I am doing very silly things in the pool to make Smallone laugh. And many others. All of these photos were taken this summer... and are unpublishable:-)