Sunday, 14 October 2012

Gamblers and the Others

There are gamblers and there are the other people. The gamblers are not afraid to say and to do things. Because there is an opportunity those things will work for them.
I am a gambler. Not sure if it is a good thing, but I can´t help myself. I am a gambler, I take risks. In my love life, in my jobs, in other aspects of my life. Some of my friends call this "brave". Maybe. I know my weaknesses so I am not going to call it this way myself, indeed.
Some risks didn´t turn right. But I am still glad I took them as I had learned from every single one of them. All of these lessons were worth going through as I have learned about myself a lot as well as about people around me. I don´t take all risks which appear. I just take those which seems worth to take. Even if they turn wrong, they are still worth taking.
There are people around me who are not happy. And they can be if they take a risk. They are afraid of changing anything just because they say to themselves things could turn to be much worse. Well, yes. They can be worse. But they also can be better. Sometimes the changes are not bad and you should embrace them. Because they can appear to be the best thing in your life. Changes change. And sometimes a change is the only thing which take you somewhere you finally understand and where you can be happy. Really happy. Where you are with people you really want to be with. Where you have an enjoyable and satisfying job. Where you understand who you are. Where you live your life and not being consumed by it. That is the goal, isn´t it. Taking risks can lead to changes. Changes can lead to better life, or at least to understanding and knowledge. So why do some people hesitate?


Photo Cache said...

what did that famous quote say about this? that after 20 years if you look back it's the things you did not do that you will regret and not the things that you failed at. i'm paraphrasing of course.

i'm one of those that seem to lack the spirit of "braveness".

Namnet said...

Yep, that´s the quote. Well, being cautious is not a bad thing. Especially after some events in my life I was telling to myself I had to be more like that. Or I should have been so.
There are two types of things - first, which went wrong and I had learned something thanks to them and I will never make the same mistakes again. And, second, things which went right. But all the trying has been worth. Trying is always worth it, as other famous quote says that the path is the goal and purpose.

I think I will also regret some things in the future. But the goal should be to prevent as many of these regrets as possible. And maybe I am just lucky to have the nature I have. To be impatient, radical, focused, decisive, and quick. And sometimes I am not lucky at all:-) Sometimes being cautious is much more smarter.