Monday, 27 February 2012

How to be the Best Pray in the World


Fridays are usually my a-few-free-moments days. I teach only in the morning and during the lunch time I visit a friend of mine. It has become our fortnightly habit. Let´s call her the Enchanteress. She knows me. I mean I can be myself in front of her so she really knows who I am.

So. What can we talk about when we meet? About men. Of course. And relationships. And shoes. Well, the girls´stuff.

Last Friday she was quite taciturn. So I asked her what had happened. And she answered: "We´re screwed". "What? How" "I have read an article on the internet recently...." (All the time, she reads those articles in women´s magazines which tell you how to understand men better. I hardly ever read them so she enlightens me sometimes.)

She read that the basic mistake most of the women do is that after a date they send a message to a man first. And at that point they stop being a prey for the man and therefore they stop being interesting.

Me: "So when I thank him for the dinner or when I send him a birthday card I am not interesting any more?"

Enchanteress: "Yes!"

Me: "But.. isn´t it...just that I am polite?"

Enchanteress: "Well, maybe. But we should stop being polite!"

Me: "Great. So when I am polite I am not a pray, when I am not a pray I am screwed."

Enchanteress: "I am glad you understand."

Me: "But...."

Enchanteress: "No! There is no but! I know you! You write all the time! Well, me too, but it should stop!"

Me: "But still! Can´t we just act like grown-ups? Being polite and tell everything straight to the point? Just sometimes? When I like something or somebody I speak to them, it´s simple..."

Enchanteress: "You didn´t listen! No!"

Me: "Gosh.... Ok, I will not speak or write to anybody anymore as the first one, therefore I will be extremely mysterious and therefore I will be extremely interesting."

Enchanteress: "YES!"


So. I am going to fade to the shadows of my mind and practise how not to be me:-)

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