Friday, 30 December 2011

New Year Is Coming....

New year is coming. And it makes me summarize everything what happened in 2011. The year of Rabbit, the year of huge disillusionments when I lost a part of my enthusiasm and my belief in people. Difficult times. But everything happens on some purpose. It must be so. Because without difficult times we probably could not see the good so clearly, and all things (even the bad ones) lead us to the point we are standing at now.

I read somewhere that people should listen to their intuition more, they should pay attention to all those small hints and try to connect them with their everyday reality. 2011 was also a year when I came back to books I could not have read in the past. They were boring for me. Now I know that I did not understand them as I had not had the proper experience. I was simply too young when I was trying to read them (I was about twelve).

So in a year of Rabbit I was able to identify with Simon and a loss of innocence in Lord of the Flies, Great Gatsby helped me to understand, and some short stories by Faulkner and early short stories by Hemingway just fitted to my 2011 mood. Those books were my 2011 intuition, they were the symbols of my everyday reality.

It is said that after some time one´s brain is able to push the bad memories away and only the good ones remain. So I hope that once I will get my lost enthusiasm and belief in people again. On the other hand how can you stop growing up?

Every cloud has a silver lining. And 2011 was also a year of discoveries, a year when I realised that the people around you matter once again. And that I have some good friends. Their weird, but they are mine. I also have a good job, which is nice. And I have a great family. Again - they are sometimes weird, but they are mine and they supported me so much that I probably will not be ever able to pay them back.

This year has been like being on a roller coaster. And not only for me. Yesterday a friend of mine wrote me an e-mail where she was wishing me everything good for the next year and I wished her the same and I asked her how she was. My friend answered that she was not fine but it could be much worse. And she told me about two children I was teaching two years ago that their mother died a week before Christmas. And I told her about my sister´s friend whose baby is seriously ill and is suffering a lot. And we both agreed that in spite of the fact our problems were damaging us, they could be worse and we had to be grateful they had been not.

As I have said before. Last year was full of changes, I do not remember any other year like that. A lot of people around me got married, a lot of my friends gave a birth to their first baby. Many couples also broke up. For some people it was a good year, for some it was a bad year. But usually nothing between. So let´s say that it was a weird year and I hope the next one will be more calm and peaceful.


kryssie's daily photo said...

I certainly hope that the Year of the Dragon will find more good times than bad. My year of the Rabbit ( my chinese zodiac, by the way) was very trying for me as well. But as the year came to a close I finally sold a two bedroom condo that I had for sale for two and a half years. Without the weight of that I can finally enjoy my new house and start fixing it up the way I want it. My son (Joey) is in his Junior year of college(MicroBiology) and got lucky enough to get a great internship at Jersey Shore Medical Center this winter break. I am very proud of him. Now I am just waiting for the first snow fall of the year. I think it will be cleansing! Joey is going to do a mini semester abroad in Berlin this summer. Have you been? I need tips. I was in Munich and various west cities way back in 79. I don't know anything about the East. He also wants to take the train in Poland for the day.

Namnet said...

Congratulations to your son!! And to you for selling the condo. I can understand it was a relief for you. So I can see that not just for me the end of the year was a kind of new beginning. Which means that something had to end. My endings are still resonating somewhere inside of me as they were emotional ones and connected with people I believed in. A very good friend of mine told me that growing up hurts. And she was right:-) But your life is just yours and when you feel desperate or that everybody gets you wrong - it doesn´t help you. You hold the key so use it. That is what can work.
The Year of the Dragon should be better than the last year. I think we can force it to be:-)

I have never been to Berlin. But I have always wanted to go and I would like to visit it in summer as well:-) There is a quite nice web about visiting this place here: - So you can find all the useful information I hope. When you say Berlin the thing which comes to my mind is the Berlin Wall, of course. So I wouldn´t miss it.

And what about the trip to Prague?:-) In Poland you should not miss the Salt Mine in Wieliczka:

kryssie's daily photo said...

Thank you for the information. He is getting excited now that the trip grows close.
For the new year I have just changed jobs again. I could no longer work in the Court System. It was sucking all the creativity from me. I am back to teaching Nursery School. I love it. Long hours but rewarding.
I will be posting pictures from Joey's trip. Wish I was going with him.

Namnet said...

Teaching is a hard job, but I agree with you - it´s rewarding. I also love it. And I am glad you feel like being on the right path:-) This kind of feeling is priceless.
And I am looking forward to the pictures from Joey´s trip:-) Hope there will be a lot of them:-)