Wednesday, 3 February 2010



My best friend Maja runs a shop. And the shop is in quite an old house. The space there is small, but really cute and comfy. And I love the way she stores things there. It is like in her own flat - there are thousands little things everywhere. For somebody it could look untidy or disordered, but the system in these things is obvious. Well, for me. As the place where I live looks the same in many ways.

When I first came there the thing I found the most interesting was this sculpture/engraving placed within one of the walls:

It is so nice. And notice the lower part which indicates that this "picture" is much bigger under the white coat of paint. I would like to know how big it is, and what other things could be found. But this is going to be a mystery forever as the building is not owned by Maja (she hires the place). And the owner wouldn´t be very happy if I let my investigative tendencies develop into something uncontrollable. What a pity...


kryssie's daily photo said...

When I was reading your comment about this "picture" my first thought was I want it. I'll buy it from your friends shop. I love this kind of thing. Then alas I find out it's attached to the wall. Bummer. I love the mystery behind it. I want it even more. The figure with his head in his hands intrigues me. If they ever pry this from the wall, please let me know.

Paula said...

Yes, it looks mysterious - and old. They don't make decorations like this anymore. I wonder who the violinist is???