Thursday, 28 January 2010

Skywatch Friday and the Beauty of Beeing a Super Aunt

It´s terribly cold these days. And it often snows a lot. And it means that the sky is usually without clouds and it´s grey. Or white. Nothing between.

But yesterday the weather got bored with all that no-shape-grey colour and the sun was shining for almost whole day. And thanks to it my energy swelled and most of the problems seemed to be not as difficult as they probably were.

Yesterday my best friend Maja felt ill, so I promised to take care of her three children for a while so she could go to see a doctor. And I was there the whole afternoon. It was fun. She has three kids - two beautiful daughters (6 and 3 years old) and a son with the most amazing smile ever (1,5 year old).
When the boy was sleeping his afternoon nap, I was playing with the girls. We drew a lot. We doodled some nice snakes, lizards, and princesses (and no, I also see no connection between the reptiles and the princess...or very weird one). And I got many drawings as gifts, and also one amazing hand-made picture made from felt by the older girl.
My best friend seeing us (me and the younger girl) frolicing around said she would lend me as many children as I want. Deal said I. And I was fed with crisps (lots of crisps) by the boy (who could resist that smile?), I got a sweet good-bye kiss from the younger girl, and I felt like a super aunt.

It was a beautiful day and when the sun was setting I removed all Maja´s plants from the sill, opened the window, leaned from it a lot, and I took this picture:
Me: "Would you like to see the picture what I have taken?"
Maja: "Of course, show me."
(and I showed her the photo)
Maja: "Beautiful. I didn´t realize it could be so nice outside our house."
Me: "Well, isn´t the beauty in the eye of beholder?"
Maja: "Yes, you´re right. Beauty is everywhere."
Don´t miss the photos of beautiful skies from all over the world!


Mike said...

Lovely silhouette :)

Photo Cache said...

What a beauty.

You are a super aunt:) Glad to see your link back on the main page.

I have posted mine at

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Great shot.

Also sounds like you had a great time taking care of the children.

Sylvia K said...

Ah, my favorite kind of shot! Trees silhouetted against the sky! Does sound as though you had a fun time!! Enjoy your weekend!


Jacqui said...

Hi - it sounds as if you all had fun! I love your moon shot. I am always trying to take a decent shot of her and usually fail - this one is stunning. Thanks for visiting me. xx

Paula said...

It sounds like a perfect day. You so obviously love children and they love you. I love the trees reaching up to the sun and I treasure those sunny moments as well, as of late they're few and far between.

Kcalpesh said...

So true, beauty lies in the eyes of beholder.... Rightly said. We tend to ignore so many beautiful things which are right in front of our eyes...

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