Sunday, 20 December 2009

Just Sharing Some Birthday Parties...

I haven´t been blogging for quite a long time. Again. Lots of work, almost no sleep. And two birthdays.

My grandmother is xx years old. She´s still young, but you know - when women turn 25 , they will remain 25 years old since passing away. She has experienced many things in her life, and I think she is the same kind as my great-grand aunt was. One strong, tenacious, but still very kind woman. When I will be her age, I hope I will be the same kind. And I also hope I will have the kind of man as my grandad is beside me. They are such a wonderful couple. Still teasing each other, still kissing each other.

(this photo was taken this summer)

When there´s a birthday in the family, we always get together and have a great time. And because our birthdays are spread for all over the year, we usually celebrate (and meet) every month. I love these moments.

There are four grandchildren in our family - me, my sister, and my two cousins. I was looking for some photo where we would be together. And I found none. So when my granny was celebrating her day, I asked my grandpa to take a photo of all of us. And here it is:

(my sister, me, Peter, and Honza)

Before this photo was taken, there was a moment, when I was sitting next to my older cousin, Peter, and we were arranging ourselves on the sofa. Before my sister and my younger cousin came, my grandad took this photo:

I love it, because we just did silly things, talked silly talks. And had great fun. Even I look like a squirrel here:-)
Me: "Oh, come on, take a photo of all of us." Peter: "Gosh.. I have to, do I... ok then..." Me: "I love you, you know that" Peter: "Women... always get what they want..." Me: "Don´t be silly and smile nicely.."


Maybe you remember my best friend Mája. Well, she also had a birthday! And she was also 25. Again! We had a great girls´ night out. Again.

She got a wonderful hyacinth plant in a pretty "bag" made by Bára. She also got a beautiful necklace from Verunka. And I gave her a book (Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman), and a comic (strips of our favourite cat - Garfield).

(Verunka and Mája)

(Bára nad me)

I have realised that I have a great family. Supportive and loving. And so are my friends. I am very happy and very lucky to have them all. I know it. And appreciate it.

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