Monday, 21 December 2009

God Bless the Food:-)

Yesterday, me and my mother were visiting Smallone and my sister. We got there in the morning, made some lunch, ate it, then went home in the snow. And among those things we had a great laugh and time.
After lunch my sister´s neighbour and friend came with her daughter (who is Smallone´s best friend). And this friend of my sister was quite seriously ill. Fortunately, now she is going to be fine again. But the thing is - she has to be on a very strict diet. And Christmas is coming...
So she has baked some Christmas sweets, but cannot taste a one. Everytime she prepares lunch for her husband and her daughter, the only thing she can do is to smell it. And because of this she has become a kind of salivating monster these days - she really needs some "proper" food. She said: "It´s so freaking awful. My husband was peeling the tangerine next to me. And I had to go away! It smelled so bloody good."
And she also said: "On Christmas day, I am going to eat everything! I have a plan. I am going to eat just small amount of every single thing on the Christmas table. Nothing wrong can happen. I am sure of it. What else can I do? I just need the potatoe salad and a carp at Christmas. It is my primary necessity and right during Christmas!"
And the only thing I can add is: I have crossed my fingers for her. Because I understand so well! I know Christmas is about something else (and I love giving presents, and I like the love and kindness in the air), but Christmas food is so special. It tastes, and even smells, differently than in any other part of the year - better, more delicious. And I also think that our bellies understand as well, and they are more flexible at Christmas as I am able to eat really big amount of meat and potatoe salad up during Christmas.
By the way, we are decorating our Christmas tree right now. It is going to be a very nice tree. And I know that Christmas is going to be nice as well. Everything is indicating it.
You know I love Neil Gaiman and his work. And he wrote a very nice "Christmas" short story which is worth reading (as everything he has written). It is called Hanukkah with bells on.


Anonymous said...

Ivča dodržuje dietu takovým stylem, že včera si dala pudingovou buchtu, zapila to kafem a na to si dala pařížský salát :-)))Je jí zatím dobře, takže o Vánoce nepřijde :-D

Namnet said...

No ta má teda odvahu. Nebo spíš takový hlad, ne?:-) Jsem ráda, že se drží. Mě jí bylo tak líto, jak tam tak tesknila po bramborovém salátu... nebo čemkoli jiném kromě suchého rohlíku:-)