Thursday, 29 October 2009

A Wonderful Day With Smallone

After three years of maternity leave, my sister has started to go to work again. She doesn´t like the work much, but she has had to start somewhere. And some job is better than no job.
As Smallone can´t go to the nursery school regularly until next week, me and the rest of the family have become babysitters for these days. And we are enjoying it a lot.
Me and my mother have had a day off today so we took care of Smallone from the morning till about four o´clock in the afternoon when my sister came home from work. And you wouldn´t believe how many things you can do during one day. And I must say that to keep up with Smallone´s energy was the biggest problem for us.
First of all, we decided to painted my study. Smallone got dressed her favourite apron and started to help me:

We blend the white paint with the colour one and stir the mixture:

And then we started to paint the walls:

It was such a fun. Smallone is a really good helper.


There is nothing better after hard work than good lunch....

... and after good lunch, there is nothing better than playing. Smallone´s favourite plays these days are "at the shop assistant" and "at the doctor´s".

So Smallone sold us a lot of thing, e.g. some nice diadem, some food, some purse, some toys.

And when her doll was ill, she took care of her very well:

And after a good play, there is nothing better than a nap for a while.

And then we played again and we did some exercises. That was quite a bad idea as me and my mother were tired, Smallone looked more relax than at the beginning of the exercising.
And then Smallone´s mother came and they went home. But it was a really wonderful day. Smallone is a precious.

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Corner Gardener Sue said...

I scrolled down to see if you had any posts about smallone, and had fun reading about her birthday and day with you and your mom.

I also read about your great aunt. She sounds like someone I would like. I'm sorry for your loss.