Wednesday, 28 October 2009

My "Aunt"

I haven´t been blogging for almost three weeks. Many things happened. Some bad, some good.
This blog entry is going to be about my aunt. Well, she wasn´t my real aunt. She was my father´s aunt (my grandmother´s sister), but we all call her Aunt of Hrádkov.
Hrádkov is a very small village in the middle of wonderful nature. Hrádkov is a magic land. Something unique and special with a flavor of past times. Something true. And so was she.
She died about a week ago and I have realised how much I value the time I could spend with her.
My aunt was a very strong, but kind woman. She lived all her life in the house where she also had grown up. She had two daughters. When one of them was about two years old and the second one was an infant, her husband died, and she had to manage everything just by herself - two small children, a house with a big garden, the farm animals they kept. And she succeeded excellently.
She didn´t get married again, and stayed single for the rest of her life. I remember one of her talk with my mother, when she told her that she had never regretted this thing. She didn´t want to bring another father to her two daughters, and
" know, it was the life. Bad things happens all the time and there´s no other possibility that to cope with them. I have never regretted my decision. Nor my daughters. They were, and still are, my only love." - That was about six years ago.
She was one of the strongest people I know. Strong-willed, steady, humble, very kind and caring. And her decease has hurt and striked us a lot. I always thought she would never pass away.

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