Thursday, 10 September 2009

On the Board!

The new school year has begun. And lots of work has started to scare me at night. But it is a pleasure in some way. My adult students are very nice and smart, and my small students are bringing me to the planetarium next week which is also very very very nice. And I am looking forward to it a lot. I haven´t been there for quite a long time.
Now, I am sitting at the primary school, in our headmaster´s office. We are all here waiting for the first meeting with parents this school year. It is going to be about summing-up the last school year, what we did, where we were, what was bought, etc. And about what is going to happen this school year, about free time activities organised by our school, some important events, etc. It is going to be very boring. I have never said a word in this kind of meeting ever, our headmaster talks and explains. But I have to be here in case some parents will want to speak with me. I should hate it but it is quite fun to stay here and wait. The school is empty, no screaming or shouting children. And my colleagues and I are sitting with our coffees and it is nice to talk to each other without being interupted by some students all the time.

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mmesOEG - hallo guys :D