Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The New School Year And Things Needed

The New School Year has begun. I am still teaching at both schools. Still the small kids and the 20-somethings. At the primary school I have a new colleague at about my age. She seems to be a nice woman and I am curious if we will become friends or stay just colleagues. But I think things are getting brighter.
Smallone is going to start to attend the nursery school on Monday. Today we (me, my sister, Smallone and our mother) went shopping for things needed to the nursery school as the toothbrush, sweatpants, etc. And our little precious was driving us mad as for some mysterious reason she wanted everything in green colour.

My sister: "Sweet, look at these shoes. Come on, let´s choose which pair you want."
Smallone: "Huh... the green one."
My sister: "Well, are you sure?" (Smallone nods) "Ok, try them on."
So we bought dark green shoes.
My sister: (showing Smallone two pairs of sweatpants - orange and red) "Ok, which of these would you like to buy?"
Smallone: "The green one."
My sister: "But there is no green pair of sweatpants. Look, these two pairs are so nice, choose one of them."
Smallone: (looking behind my sister and pointing to the shelf) "But here are some green ones. I neeed green one."
My sister: (sigh) "Gosh, I thought I could hide them from her. Ok, we´re buying the green sweatpants."

And it went on and on the same way. Smallone is definitely a person with an attitude. But I must confess we cheated on her a bit, because when she wasn´t looking we changed the whole green sweatsuit she had chosen for the white and green one. She will be satisfied with the green colour and we are satisfied with the white colour and the fact that she is not going to coincide with the grass easily or not going to look like a soldier on his mission with all that protective colouring.

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kryssie's daily photo said...

She's a smart little one. She knows what she want already. She will be a strong one and set her own trends instead of following.