Friday, 14 August 2009

What Makes You Get Up at Night?

Again the 2-week break from blogging. Damn. I really wanted to post something, anything, more often after my almost 3-month break. And there was no time. Again. Sometimes I think that the more free time I have (or I should have as I am in the middle of my summer holiday right now), the more things I would like to manage. Does it make any sense?
As I´ve mentioned I am in the middle of my summer holiday. I love summer holidays mainly because I have more time to read. To read during the night. And not to be worried about getting up early.
There is something special about reading at night. It´s just you, the book and the space you´re in is determined by the light of the table lamp. And thanks to this, there´s more space for imagination. So you´re like in the bubble of light and the heroes and heroines start to live their lives around this bubble. And because there is no sounds but the sounds of the night, you can hear them talking.
These days I usually start to read books at about 9p.m. and I read it till their ends. That means I go to bed very late, but I am enjoying it a lot. Who would be able to stop them talking? I am not. I like the feeling of falling asleep knowing how the book ends. I´ve realised that I can read a-300-page book in about 6 hours and that´s the power of the reading at night.
So nothing makes me get up in the middle of the night, because I am totally awake till the morning hours these days.
There´s only one thing I lack after night reading - the forenoons. As I need to catch some sleep at least, the forenoons have become my sleeping times. But I don´t care at all as far as I have my night reading. The problem would appear when my summer holiday was over. But it is still too far...

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