Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Darwin´s Process of Evolution

According to the research by Gallup agency, only 40 percent of the Americans belives in evolution, the 200 years old theory by Charles Darwin.
This research also says that belief in this theory relates to the level of education and, of course, the religion. It means that people with tertiary education deny evolution more than people with secondary education. And that people who often visit church don´t support this theory.
Interesting, is it?

I must confess I don´t believe in God. Not in the way the most (or all) religions do. In a nutshell - I believe in me and my family and friends, in goodness, politeness, knowledge and never-ending learning, enlightenment, outspokenness and equality. The list of my believes would be much longer, but enough is enough.
All these make me believe in the Darwin´s theory of evolution. I do believe we were originated from monkeys. And I am constantly fascinated by all aspects of the evolution. And that evolution never ends.
So I am atheist, but still interested in all religions (I am saying that with all humbleness and without taunting) and I have many friends who believe in God and visit the church often. And all of them believe in the evolution. Or they say so. They are all well educated, they are all pious. And they believe in Darwin´s theory.
Does it mean they lie to the outer world to be seen as more "normal", or do they lie to themselves? Is it possible to believe in evolution and God at the same time?
Interesting. I must talk about it with a friend of mine soon. She´s a precious - we can talk about things connected with religion (well, her religion) for hours. She knows she cannot win me over, and I don´t try to persuade her at all. We just chat and respect each other. A true friendship.


bukester said...

A very deep and complex issue to contemplate. It is often difficult to get a genuine opinion on this topic due to the deeply ingrained religious beliefs most of us have grown up with. Suffice to say Science has come a very long way since Biblical times, yet it cannot yet supply the definitive answer. I believe that the two camps, that of the Creationists and the Darwinists should not necessarily be mutually exclusive. I feel religion still holds an important role in society, for instance promoting morality and giving the legions of oppressed and the desperately poor some kind of hope. I still question the huge gap in intelligence between Ape and man among many other questions relating to the cosmos. All we can do is continue to search and of course everyone is entitled to their own opinions!

Namnet said...

Thank you for your very nicely written opinion. I was very pleased to read it.

kryssie's daily photo said...

I am bored this Snowy Sunday morning and have been looking through some of your older blogs, and I found this one. You and I think very much alike, especially about religion. At four years old my son told me his brain wouldn't let him believe in a god. I was always on the fence about it and that was what I needed to look into the history of religion and I began to see the holes in many of them. I still love to read about all religions and so does my son. He loves philosophy. He's in college now and a stark atheist. He is a bio major and loves science and literature. He's still a very smart kid.