Monday, 19 January 2009

Smallone Rules the House


My last post was made many days ago, I also missed one skywatch Friday. And why? Well, the reason is quite nice - my sister and Smallone are staying with us. They are here just for a short holiday and they´ve turned our household upside down. But in the most pleasant way I can imagine.

Now, our days are full of games, going for walks (an afternoon nap in her pram is Smallone´s favourite relax), singing songs, drawing, and reading and watching fairytales.
Smallone´s favourite TV fairytale series are about Mole and his friends (Hare, Hedgehog, and Mouse), and she knows them by heart. And now so do I, because the most of time while we watch TV, these Mole´s stories are on.

Here is one of Smallone´s favourite part called the Mole and the Little Brolly (there´s a wrong translation of this part on youtube).
About two weeks ago a lot of snow fell. It is Smallone´s first snow. Well, actually the second one, but she was too small last year to realise that there was some snow.

After her everyday-afternoon-nap in her pram...

...Smallone loves walking in the snow, and making footmarks. She can walk there for hours and she doesn´t mind having wet boots or freezing hands (despite having two pairs of gloves on).

It is very hard to take a photo of Smallone´s face while she is playing on the snow (laughing, happy smiling), because she capers and runs around and cannot stop herself. She enjoys the snow so much. And that´s why the most of the photos I´ve taken look like these:

"Oh no no nooo, you won´t catch me!"
After coming back from the freezing outside, we have dinner (and play more games and watch more Mole´s stories), and then Smallone has a bath. She baths with her rubber ducks, many plastic pots and crudibles, a plastic ladle and spoon, and some other things which are absolutely indispensable for bathing. And after the long bath, she puts her red dressing gown and pink socks on, and starts to rollick again.

And then in her pyjamas... well, she is never overtired. We have tried to make her tired, but nothing works. I always wonder where children get their never-ending energy.

"No, no, noooo, I won´t fall asleep! I am not tired. I needn´t sleep at all!"



bobbie said...

The child is beautiful! I'm sure she is a joy.

kryssie's daily photo said...

She is so cute.You are lucky to have the snow. We haven't even had enough here in New Jersey to cover the grass. It's depressing. When I was a kid we would get much more snow and the lake across the street seemed to frozen enough for skating all winter long.

Tarolino said...

What an absolute sweetheart! the last photo is too precious.

Namnet said...

I also remember (and the photos prove it) that there was much more snow every winter when I was a child. Every year it is getting worse - less and less snow. That´s why we enjoyed it (yes, the past tense - it´s melted already) so much.