Saturday, 10 January 2009

My Sister´s Hair and Going Shopping Last Year

I´ve always been jealous of my sister because of her hair. She´s got a strong, thick and smooth hair which lies on her shoulders as a cascade of soft waves. Well, I see them this way.
When we were small kids, my sister was a curly golden-hair angel, while I had dark straight hair. As we were growing up, our hair was changing - mine has become a bit lighter and curly, my sister´s has become straight and light brown. Absolutely opposite.
Of course our hair had weird periods of time. For example, when my sister was about twelve, she was wearing a fringe, a very thick and eyes-covering fringe for almost a year. Or, I never went out without a ponytail. For almost two years. I was fifteen - weird time.
But since then we´ve matured, as well as our hair. And I envy my sister her strong hair. I need my hair-endings cut every three months or they would be damaged. I think she even doesn´t know what the damaged hair-ending is. Perhaps she´s put a spell on her hair or something:-)

For about two last years she has been wearing a kind of chignon. I´ve never seen her with unbound hair for about a year. I understand that it is much easier not to have her hair fluttering around while she chases Smallone.

We agreed on going shopping together last year (sounds interesting, doesn´t it:-)). It was on December 30. And when we met I stayed pole-axed seeing her hair. Especially its length. Ok, pole-axed is a strong word, but it was like "Hey, where I have been last year? I think your hair is shoulder-length.".

My sister: "My hair is so long now. I need a haircut. Some distinct and conspicuous one."
Me: "What about very short hair? 5 centimetres?"
My sister: (laughing) "Are you insane?"
Me: "That would be definitely conspicuous, you know. And I think it would suit you."
My sister: (with a huge smile) "Oh yeah, I know I would be a beauty even hairless."
Me: (laughing) "I bet you would!"

While wandering up and down the town we met one friend of mine by chance. She´s my friend from school and we hadn´t seen each other for ages, so the encounter was a delight. She was accompanied by her husband and their sweet baby boy who couldn´t be almost seen in his pram.

Also Smallone was bundled up in warm clothes. It was really freezing so she needed to be, but I was a bit sorry for her, because she almost wasn´t able to move. Too many layers of clothes for such a small pram:-)

But still it was a very nice afternoon wandering up and down the town. Freezing, with two gloves on, but nice.



Anonymous said...

A co jste nakoupily, holky..?? Já tuhle šla pro kalhoty a mám kabelku a tričko. Tradičně!

PJ said...

Just when you think you know someone...

Namnet said...

my jsme se šly jen tak projít. Teda cíl byl ten, aby jsme prcka udyndaly v kočárku a ona usnula. Stejně to nakonec dopadlo tak, že my se ségrou jsme mrzly a malá si vesele užívala jízdu v kočárku. A usnula až doma..

Namnet said...

my sister can always surprise me:-)