Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Is That You Moon?

Weird day. Full of work and other weird things.
I commute to work twice a week. On Tuesday and Thursday. I wake up unnaturally early (waking up before eight o´clock is the most unnatural thing I can imagine) to be able to catch my bus.
Today is Tuesday, so I was commuting again, of course. But today, a friend of mine was travelling with me. She was travelling somewhere else than me, but we spent about 30 minutes together chating. And laughing.
I am usually very absent-minded and musing during my morning travels. You know, it takes some time to wake up completely. Especially to me. But today it was different.
Me and my friend started to talk about some silly things (you know, it was very early in the morning) as women´s purses and what we usually carry in them (everything), we talked about some funny experience I´ve had with my students, we chatted about men, you know the usual things women discuss when they get together.
After 20 minutes of talking, the driver (we sat just behind him) turned towards us and asked (very kindly): "Girls, are you going to the last stop?" Me: "She is, I am not." He said nothing and turned back to the steering wheel. That was weird! Were we really so loud? Err, maybe..
And the weird day continued.
My small students paid less attention than they usually do, they were bewildered. They were weird.
Even my colleagues were weird. One of them was looking for her keys almost the whole day. She was so desperate and disconsolate that she looked for them even at her parents´ place and in the attic and the basement of our school (I was amazed what things you can find there). And guess where she found them - in the fridge in our staffroom. Weird, is it. And funny.
After classes there was a parent-teacher association. That was a bit more normal than other things today. But still even the parents were like hit with something heavy to their heads.
When I was travelling back home, it was dark already. And as I watch the sky all the time, I noticed that the moon and the sky itself is a bit different than the other days.
It was beutiful. There was a half moon. And around him just two bright spots and nothing else. And the moon was so big. Wonderful and magical.
A while ago I read the post by Birdchick (from the December 1 - her skywatch post). And she took a photo of my weirdly beautiful moon. Those two bright spots were (or still are) Venus and Jupiter.

(This photo was taken by Grant Cohen in Glasgow)

How can people stay sane under that kind of sky?


For more photos visit the BBC site. You won´t be disappointed.


PJ said...

Keys in the fridge What a hoot. Right now I'm missing some video tapes. I put them somewhere. I'm kind of absent minded in the morning as well so maybe by this afternoon, err, late this afternoon. I hope.

bobbie said...

That is a gorgeous picture.

Namnet said...

I hope you found them:-) Or the tiny gnomes threw them to the black hole? I also miss some things again. Those little rascals...

Unfortunately, the photo was not taken by me. But it´s really great, is it?