Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Bad Things Happen...

As I wrote in one of my comments connected with the last skywatch post - I haven´t had time to browse other skywatchers´ posts and I am sorry about it. I have to rectify it next time. I appreciate every comment here, and I don´t like being impolite and not returning every person´s visit.
The reasons why my latest days have been so busy are two. The first one is the "normal" one, and it is my work. My work is my hobby so I am able to spend much of my time thinking about some improvements, games, etc.
The second reason is a bit worse. My sister and her husband have split up. He moved from their flat today. My latest days were full of talking with my crying sister, full of thinking of her and Smallone, full of understanding and persuading her to let him go. That was the only possibility how to survive - my sister´s health was getting worse (now she weighs only 45 kilos with height of 168cm) as well as her nervous system. Nothing can let you down such as the wrong person next to you.
Perhaps you remember the beautiful wedding photos of them. Well, the wedding is not a solution. Never. We told her so, she didn´t want to listen. Now she knows and she and Smallone have all our love and support. The whole family is standing by their side and trying to help them to overcome this period of time with as little scars as possible.
And why I am writing this? I want to express my support, of course. And I´d like to invite her here! My sister is one of the funniest people I know. She can be ironical, smart, amusing, nice. So I hope she will sometimes join us and stop thinking about all those things that happened.
When I told her about my idea of writing here, she was surprised, pleased, and afraid a bit.
Me: "Come on, it´ll be fun!"
Her: "All right, then. But do you really think that it is a good idea?"
Me: "Of course it is!"
Her: "Well, but what am I supposed to write about?"
Me: "Anything you want. It is all up to you."
Her: (smiling) "Don´t be silly, I am on maternity leave for two years now! What do you think I am thinking about all days long?"
I hope we will see soon:-)


PJ said...

Oh, Namnet. What a blow. I'm so sorry. Truly. You and your sister are so close. I can only imagine that you're right there, giving her your support and doing anything you can to help her and her precious Smallone.
I hope, eventually, she joins in on the fun and starts posting. It will help her to keep her mind off of this - and also to help her blow off some steam. Grrrrrr! Tell her to hang in there.
See you tomorrow on Sky Watch Friday.

Namnet said...

Thank you, PJ, for your comment and support.
It is so sad. My sister takes care about Smallone, her husband doesn´t. Nothing is solved and settled as he is quite a bad guy and my sister makes him angry with her self-reliance. I feel so powerless that I cannot help her better. I would deal with everything instead of her if I could.

Arija said...

You must have carried the worry about your sister for a long time if she is down to 45kg. Situations like that can only be solved by walking away for sheer self preservation. The Smallone needs her and staying i n a situation like that would have killed her.
Blogging is a good idea for her, Let me know her blog address, I will support as much as possible.

Namnet said...

I´ve just wrote a comment on your blog, but I´d like to write it here as well.
I also like the idea of her blogging. Now before Christmas she doesn´t have much time (as many of us), but I will push her to write something soon:-)
She doesn´t have her own blog address (maybe later) so she will write here and we will blog together, I hope.

Namnet said...

I told my sister about all kind and supporting comments and she appreciated them a lot. Also it was good for her to realize that there are some other people (who are not her family) who understand, gave their time to think about her and wrote a comment, and who are also willing to help.
I value it a lot and thank you.